Zoha Taqi

Edition XXIII

A Thirst for Adventure - by Zoha Taqi (Photo by DJ dr.untagged & Pizo)Photo credit: DJ (dr.untagged) & Pizo

A Thirst for Adventure

By Zoha Taqi

the sun shines on her face
   and she bathes in its warmth
   with such grace
   even the sun would be charmed  

   raising her legs
   high up in the air
   while everyone begs
   her not to disappear   

   to snap back to reality
   and realize that life is more than roaming
   through beaches and thick trees
   it is more than hoping for silver linings 

   but she couldn’t ignore
   the honey that flowed through her veins
   the aching in her bones to explore
   everything and anything of the earth that remains

Edition XXIV

Welcome to Today - by Zoha Taqi (Photo by Odette Scapin)Photo credit: Odette Scapin

Welcome to Today

By Zoha Taqi

Welcome to today
  where everybody cares,
  we’ll ask you how your day was
  just to make sure you’re okay

  but don’t go into detail,
  we won’t bother listening
  unless it has to do with
  something mildly interesting, 

  like jess’s new boots,
  the ones from Chanel,
  or the fact that she was abused
  by that boy right over there,

  yeah but nobody really cared
  because she went too into detail,
  in the end it was her who everybody blamed,
  called her delusional and frail 

So welcome to today
  where everybody cares,
  unless it requires actual caring,
  we’ll just nod our heads to whatever you say.

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