Zainub Jenna Bata

Edition June 2020

Is This Utopia? - by Zainub Jenna Bata (Photo by Tim Mossholder)Photo credit: Tim Mossholder

Is This Utopia?

By Zainub Jenna Bata

and in that place
Men will be there
to mend, not break hearts

and there,
Women will stand on each other’s shoulders
not to push each other down
but to raise each other up to the highest of heights

and children,
they will play in the sand
together, lovingly

in that space
Mothers will bond
over protecting the universe’s children

and there, Fathers
will share ideas
on what makes their children smile

would cook family delicacies
in a big kitchen

and Grandpas
they will take the world’s children
to explore the magic of the woods
‘Meet me after school’ they would yell

Older couples
would be connected by soul
and only remember the good things about each other

and Newlyweds
would be guided through the hard times
so they could just enjoy the good ones

there, all Aunts
would inspire their nieces
as symbols of strength and assertiveness

and, Uncles
would provide spaces of sanctity
where Nephews can play at ease

they would be a beacon of hope
the brother or sister someone never had

oh and Friends,
they would catch you
JUST before you fall

would un-school children
and show them how to be citizens of the world

but Builders
would build schools
where the world meditates

those enthusiastic Politicians
will create policies
about love and happiness

and the Army
will be an army of peacekeepers
to mediate conflicts

Travel Agents
would bring countries home
for those who cannot travel

and Planes
would run on air not fuel
to encourage the wanderlusts to travel

every Doctor
will look to cure the soul and heart
from the ills in the world

and Lawyers
will boycott the courts

Musicians, Poets and Artists
will be paid and fed by the community
so they can keep producing art

and the Homeless
won’t be homeless
because the world will be their home

Money will cease to exist
and we will live in a place
where the currency is love

Dance will take place freely
in the streets
the old dancing with the young

and most importantly
Everyone would be their own Superhero,
saving themselves in order to save each other

Let’s live in a world
where there is




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