Zaheeda Parveen

Edition XVII

Cosmos within Us - by Zaheeda Parveen (Photo by Hafsah Malik)Photo credit: Hafsah Malik

Cosmos within Us

By Zaheeda Parveen

Looking up at the stars;
we wonder about the intensity of the cosmos that is beyond bars;
its limitlessness keeps us in awe
just to fathom the world beyond – the sheer vastness
when these thoughts arise, let our minds guess;
for nature holds the answers to the lessons we must learn;
this is what we yearn.

As we are also a part of nature; the highest form of mankind
how we let our minds wander away
that our very own seems astray?

to get back to where we must keep going
we must take time to ponder over
to learn from beings that considered “below” us
how beautifully synchronised they are minus our fuss.

with time I hope we all can get to this point
where we realise the cosmos are within
the unlimitedness of love we can feel therein

now we know how we are connected
for when we remind ourselves not to look at nature from a distance
we will then be “realised “in that instant.

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