Yousra-Linda Maamar

Edition VI

Video credit: Mazen Abdulrahman

Cold-Blooded Saint

By Tala Bunni & Yousra-Linda Maamar

To each his own, the desires are dire
One-on-one, the light will yield
Darkness will defy, fueled by nothing but ire
Year after year, the cold blood shall be revealed

Shot with the arrow, the crow and the sparrow
Slowly advance, so forcefully entrance
Through nations and kingdoms wide they plow,
Countless souls rot in a lackluster trance

Slaughtered souls no longer lie dead
Besmirching what was left of the holy Creed
His hand he took, his hand that fed
The devil is undoubtedly one to breed

Once the evil eye fully ascends,
And the Dark Knight’s Power has been dispersed
The white feather wings God-sent
Shall make sure the light is re-immersed

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