Veronica Byrne

December 2020

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A Memory Part II – The Father

By Veronica Byrne

I could not go see you on Christmas Day

Not on that Day!

To see you lying there on that excuse for a bed

with presents scattered hopelessly around you

not a hint of merriment, forced smiles

and unbearable sadness, lost hope,

no hint of Glad Tidings!

I could not bring to that scene

memories from times past

as we sat by the fire, drinking tea

the wireless broadcasting a carol service from the Cathedral gallery

you getting ready for Midnight Mass

topcoat on and shoes polished

fixing your hair in the looking glass

No! You will stay safely with me, as you were

locked in my memories of Christmas cheer

of holly and berries, of frost and fir

of three wise men and the Northern star

of parcels in twine coming by post

cards on string, and smiles to make the most of it

the yard to be done, but not on this morn

Not on the day that the Lord was born

August 2020

Capella - by Veronica Byrne (Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski)Photo credit: Evgeni Tcherkasski


By Veronica Byrne

The moon is out, the heavens are clear

Celestial bodies bear down light through years

night years, light years, empty years

reaching Earth spent and done

An echo, a memory of what once was

a fire ignited in the heavens above

the birth and death of a Celestial God

Edition XXXXI

A Memory - by Veronica Byrne (Photo by Rebeca G. Sendroiu).jpgPhoto credit: Rebeca G. Sendroiu

A Memory

By Veronica Byrne

My grandmother washed the potatoes in a bucket outside the back-kitchen door

Using the handle of the sweeping brush she swirled them around in the grey water until it turned a rusty

The misshapen potatoes recently plucked from the ground, let go of their cloaks of clay

Revealing a pinkish hue like a newborn’s skin on a fine September day

My grandmother lifted the zinc bucket
a weight in an eighty-year old’s hands
and discarded the water
black and used, down the outside drain

My grandmother tall and thin with hair silver and long

Took her baptized fare inside before the Angelus rang

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