Tristan Fitzgerald

Tristan Fitzgerald is an artist. 

Inspired by the Middle East, the occult, alternative music and trash culture, he obsessively draws and writes every day. His visual poems are sometimes surreal, sometimes dark, but always imbued with wit and insight. These pieces are then posted to Instagram as @MysticTris, where they’ve found an enthusiastic, sometimes obsessive, audience.

He started out as a comic artist many years ago, before becoming a music journalist, tarot card reader, amateur pig-farmer and, eventually, master of the dark arts of advertising.

One day he hopes to become a full-time wizard, living in a Winnebago.

Edition XVIII

Imperfect Peace - by Tristan Fitzgerald (Photo by Tristan Fitzgerald)Photo credit: Tristan Fitzgerald

Imperfect Peace

By Tristan Fitzgerald

I offered you a clumsy peace,
imperfect calligraphy,
scrawled in gold
on a palm scarred
by too many
thoughtless accidents.

Is it any wonder
you reject this hand
and keep fists
tightly clenched instead?

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