Susan George

IMG_0210Daughter, sister, content executive, volleyball player and even beyond! 

I recently started writing poems and the first platform that published my work was Dubai Poetics.
You can find the most expressive version of myself when I am overwhelmed (in a good way and a bad way) with my life.
As they say – ‘May you live in interesting times’ 

Edition XIX

Prayers - by Susan George (Photo by Ben White)Photo credit: Ben White


By Susan George

A ray of hope for the unsettled heart;
The confusion, despair, and disappointment that certainly prevails;
A feeling of impediment dawns upon us during painful times;
Who do we turn to? Where do we find solace?
A flurry of thoughts run by us, even in moments of silence;
Because prayers are an art in itself;
An art not to be perfected, but to be a constant;
It shows the depths of faith in your heart;
It is the relief we always wanted to experience;
The calm;
And then it is a metamorphosis of emotions;
You finally see what you are capable of doing;
All the things you could never imagine otherwise;
You had to just sit, pray and ask to shine light on your path;
The tears of joy are not tears, it’s your soul crying out of happiness;
For above all challenges and limitations; you finally saw what you had to see;
The higher purpose you were meant to fulfill;
All problems in life seem very subliminal.
You became a happy butterfly with so much to see and feel,
New people to meet
New places to go
New depths of prayer life to intercede for
I hope with all my heart that I will be always graced with your presence.
I pray for good health and happiness for everyone around me
For that is what I pray for
And that is what I dearly hope for
For hope and faith is what I have until the end.

Edition XX

The White Space - by Susan George (photo by Dan Carlson)Photo credit: Dan Carlson

The White Space

By Susan George

Sometimes, we are often stuck in a rut.

We find that we are not moving forward.
No matter how hard we push.

It is that void between you and the person you want to be.
That space between you and the person you want to be.

Sometimes, you are so excited by your passion that you forget you need to stay
and watch the world from above

an eagle eye perspective.

The little blank space which is inevitably there
because you need time to realize that great things are yet to happen within you.

Edition XXI

A Chance - by Susan George (photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Hakim El Haj

A Chance

By Susan George

One day,
you will wake up and realize
that you have lost everything in this world

Every single person
every single thing
you have loved and kept very close to you.

You will feel the pinch
in your heart.

You will wish and weep
you could have him and her once more

For another hug,
for another date,
for another night,
for another sunset

you will have to make peace
with it.

Peace with it all.

Make peace with the sadness

Peace with the sorrow

Manifest the sorrow

and manifest space for magic
space for wonder
space for awe
manifest space for better people
space for happiness





Edition XXII

She is the Sunshine She is the Moonlight - by Susan George (Photo by Aziz Acharki)Photo credit: Aziz Acharki

She is the Sunshine She is the Moonlight

By Susan George

She had a smile that instantly
lit up the room;

She lurked among shadows and could be
the moonlight as well.

If you look closely,
you see the dark circles;
all those sleepless nights
thinking about herself
with a heart that cared about others too.

When she slept, she dreamt of
touching millions of lives.

She seldom weeps, thinking about the world and laughs thinking about
the same world.

She is a million worlds
within one.

It would take you an eternity
to discover her.

But when you do,
you would think about her when you close your eyes;
because she was both sunshine and moonlight.

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