Suramay Pidara

Edition XXXXII

Blank Stares - by Suramay Pidara (Photo by Joseph Gruenthal)Photo credit: Joseph Gruenthal

Blank Stares

By Suramay Pidara

Neither heroes nor villains,
they are just people with blank stares.
Illusioned by a mirage of deceptions
are the souls behind these empty glares.
They wake up to the same sound
and find the same lack of zeal around.

Once in a while, their souls are lit up by a raging fire
and fills them with passion and desire.
It breaks them out of a trance,
and for once they want to take a stance.
For once they want to fly instead of fight,
they want to revert to the just and right,
they want to be a right note in a Bach’s verse,
and immerse their soul into the flow of the universe.
They want to be a breath of fresh air,
and plunge out of death and despair.

In a city of serpents,
they set off to seek a gem’s glow,
on their way they are bit and torn to pieces,
and their journey suffers a deadly blow.

Then the sky falls on them
and crushes the aspirations that had put them to the helm.

So now they climb up the same stairs-
and walk with those same blank stares.

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