Silvana Nasser

Edition II

Poe Parody - by Silvana Nasser, Dalia Aboukofa & Dima Adas

Poe Parody
(This poem is a parody of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe) 

By Silvana Nasser, Dalia Aboukofa & Dima Adas

Once upon a time, in a lonely neighborhood where there was no committed crime
it was bedtime, when I heard a sudden pecking,
a sudden pecking at my door.
“Must be mother,” I muttered,
“or is it nothing? My head is very sore.”
“I hope it does not bother me anymore.”
But the certain someone replied, “Nevermore!”

I turned back to witness a parrot perched on my window
it’s piercing eyes looking through my broken soul
as I ate my spring roll,
I asked “Will I ever see her…my hero?”
But it stood there with a bore whispering “Nevermore!”

I asked too many questions, way more than before
asked for no other than my mother who I deeply longed for
but the parrot couldn’t console as I would deplore.
With so much indifference, the parrot stole my roll,
flew off and chirped “Nevermore!”

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