Siara Nova

Edition XIV

corrupted-by-siara-nova-photo-by-morgan-williamsPhoto credit: Morgan Williams


By Siara Nova

There is a corruption going on in the world and that corruption is growing in our heart. 
It has reached a point where we can’t tell the difference, between what’s corrupt, and what’s not. 

Values have become devalued, and morals are no longer taught.
The fight to keep things from falling apart is somehow no longer fought.

Relationships have no fundamentals, and friendships seem to have no more trust.
It’s like the world’s greed is just being fed with seduction, betrayal and lust.

Everywhere you look around, there is jealousy, broken hearts and tears.
It’s like people have forgotten a world where they can trust and believe without having to fear.

And the results of all the world’s seduction, makes women want to show off their skin. 
To dress sexy, wear make-up and put their bodies to thin.

Why have we reached a point where social media likes are what make us feel like someone or something.
I mean can’t you value yourself, without having it all? 

We buy expensive clothes, and manicure our toes, to look good in front of people that don’t care,
and then cry about it later at night when we feel that our souls are so bare.

Instant gratification is a gest of our nation, with demand soaring higher by day.
At night people sleep with their hearts feeling low, and wake up and repeat the next day.

So, dear friends whom lend me their thoughts, are these habits of reason something that you do everyday?
Because if you can change the way your heart feels and your mind thinks, your soul will be clean from decay.

I am a victim too, of these things that we do, but I promise there is a better way.
To be living and treating this world, to improve your life day by day. 

If someone has wronged you, just don’t wrong them back.
If someone betrayed you, wish them well, smile, don’t fight back.

If you handle someone’s bad with a replica of their action, then what makes them different from you?
Instead rise up high, and walk away far and your heart will be at peace with you.

There is a corruption going on in the world, and corruption is growing in our heart. 
But we will reach a point, where we will know
what is corrupt and what is not.

Just open your eyes, and look through the skies
and let this whole world sink right in.
Don’t let the world change you or change what you see
and you’ll learn that is the only right way to be.

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