Shynu Elizabeth Jacob

Edition VI

Generation Loop - by Shynu Elizabeth Jacob  (photo by Ahmad Minawi)Graphic credit: Ahmad Minawi

Generation Loop

By Shynu Elizabeth Jacob 

Ages cross all barriers,
when you miss your future carriers.
They are indeed naughty like little warriors,
but a touch of love, questions who is superior.

Live life to be a learner,
experience it to be a teacher.
Special care God has sworn,
to give you parents the moment you were born.

How you treat them is all in your hand,
most simple of them is to understand.
With the magic of generations,
soon it’s your turn to switch the celebrations.

Edition VII

Memories in Old Hat - by Shynu Elizabeth Jacob  (photo by Lionello DelPiccolo)Photo credit: Lionello DelPiccolo

Memories in Old Hat

By Shynu Elizabeth Jacob

You took me in your arm,
and mold me to a charm.

With little dreams we try to fly,
as each moment go soothing by.

Ups and downs in every plate,
tastes like how you take.

Blessed with a fruit,
adding meaning to our root.

Let’s thank every breath we bat,
with memories to cherish in our old hat.

Edition VIII

New Beginning - by Shynu Elizabeth Jacob

New Beginning

By Shynu Elizabeth Jacob

Hearty efforts put in a lot
to start a beginning from a pot.
Many a people should he heed
to bring new life to the seed.

Hard times come in flow,
like showers of pain mending slow.
Learn the meaning of life with experience,
all a joy when it blossoms with magnificence.

Deep from within come your dreams
that mold productive streams
to moisten the land you want to grow,
a life you would like to row.

Edition XII

reaching-dreams-by-shynu-elizabeth-jacob-photo-by-antonina-bukowskaPhoto credit: Antonina Bukowska

Reaching Dreams

By Renju, Shynu and Eric

Dreams glow like the Christmas star
but we have to climb way high and far.

As little dwarfs we climb on the tree
round the branches, almost free.

Through each branch we turn and smile
as we learn from our fall in a mile.

Up and up you go
chilling up in the snow
reaching up your dream
like tasting the Christmas cream.

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