Shital K. Gusani

Edition June 2020

Kanya - by Shital K Gusani (Photo by Isaac Quesada)Photo credit: Isaac Quesada


By Shital K. Gusani

The birth…
Like a primordial war cry,
She emerged kicking and screaming,
Angry at being disturbed,
Indignant… wanting just for the cocoon she was used to…
The precious gift!

The woman…
Exploded into a zillion emotions,
All synonyms of love, courage, a shield.
Flowing from each and every pore of her body…
The guardian!

The mother…
Both connected by the ethereal umbilical cord
Which could never be severed,
A dull pain of wisdom became her constant companion,
Waiting for that spark of understanding.
She fought on all fronts.
A lone warrior.

The child…
Which was like a fetter,
Stopping her from reaching for the sun.
Making her sizzle and fume,
Like raindrops on the parched earth.
The innocence, arrogance and courage of youth.

The relationship…
So they tangoed,
One patiently answering, teaching and guiding,
one observing indignantly, questioning and accusing.
The struggle between,
Youth and maturity,
patience and impulsiveness,
Honesty and diplomacy,
misunderstandings, natural and sowed,
Raised it’s ugly head.

The realisation…
Unconditional love, faith and trust in her,
Made her introspect,
Till everything became clear as day,
She saw her pathless path,
clear ahead.
Rose like a personification of Truth, love and compassion,
to write her own destiny!

The gift…
Both had risen like a phoenix from the ashes!

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