Shaista Khadim

October 2020

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Have You Healed?

By Shaista Khadim

I pray that you heal
from all the words hurled at you
Words that should have been used to raise you
to help you bloom
and not to bury you
in the pile of the unearned baggage of insecurities and flawed misconceptions

I pray that you heal
from all the things done towards you
Actions that should have been used to lay your solid foundation
and not to grill you against the harsh realities
or to smother your self-esteem into blackened coal

I pray that you heal
from the betrayals and sorrows you had to endure
Betrayals that your kind heart could not have fathomed
Sorrows that ebbed into your pure soul

I pray that you heal
from the mistakes that you made being the childish you
Mistakes leading to unremitted payback
leaving behind scars of shame and bruises of guilt.

I pray with all my heart
For you to stop ruminating over those words, actions, betrayals, sorrows and mistakes
and look beyond all these-
The pains of the past have shaped your future
The unkind words have taught you the meaning of the soft touch
The mishandled heart today cares for others
The sorrowful soul now empathizes with its kind
The errs are now unforgettable experiences
The blackened coal now shines like a diamond

and finally
I pray that for the sake of all the good out there
you see the good in yourself too
and be your own healer and saviour
and bloom wherever you are planted!

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