Sarah Shihabi

Edition XXXIX

Self Love - by Sarah Shihabi (Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy).jpgPhoto credit: Alexander Krivitskiy

Self-Love: An Interpretation by a Masochist

By Sarah Shihabi

Reach deep into the soil of your insecurities

Fertilize it with doubt

Plant the seeds of love

Hide them away from the world

or don’t

Water them with tears

Beam rays of hope in the absence of sunlight

Your thoughts are children

Tuck them in tightly every night

Please, Make sure they remain warm

Jump into the abyss of an open wound

Kiss it shut

Climb back up

Grab ahold of your body

Hug it tight

Squeeze it hard

Be the love you never had

Let your hands run across the valleys of this body

Skim through its alleyways

Fall into its cracks and find your way out

Nestle your soul in the space between your rib cage and your heart

Fill it with gasoline

Be the match to light it up on fire

Let the smoke guide what remains of your breath

Sleep in the bed of your ashes

Walk out of these flames just in time

To listen to the strings of your heart whisper a melody

You’re a lonely song

Dance to your own rhythm

A lonely song is still a song

This one’s black and red

Let your mind sing along

You’re allowed to claw your heart out

Tear it apart at the seams

stitch it back together

Wear its strings like a noose and pull

Rip your poems off the pages

Shred them

And swallow the pieces

Carry them with you wherever you go

What’s a poet without their poetry anyway?

Allow yourself to start over years later

Darling, you can

Let this be proof

Feed on self-destruction

Then learn to rebuild

Go to war

Be the ally and the enemy

Your sanity’s fighting off an earthquake

Your mind will warn you

This is a foreign battleground

Don’t be cautious

Launch yourself straight into the rupture

Shoot yourself in the leg

Let it bite you

Take an adrenaline shot

Take two

Do it for fun

Look in the mirror

Speak to your body

And say

You’re broken

But I’ll love you anyway

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