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Edition June 2020

To Those Who Try - Sanjna Iyer (Photo by Pop Zebra)Photo credit: Pop Zebra

To Those Who Try

By Sanjna Iyer

A new day, the same drill,
The same mechanic hue and cry,
Contributing to the madding crowd,
Failing, but not failing to try.

A compelling force, a magnetic drive,
Nudging and pushing everyone alike,
Workers, students, and artists too,
A strenuous, never-ending uphill hike.

It’s not all to waste, I have to say,
As perseverance pays, to one or two,
The others lay crushed, down below,
Seldom forgotten, at the back of a queue.

But the drill keeps going, the show goes on,
With muted condolence, to those who tried,
Because this world, drilled into our minds,
That success is to show, and failure to hide.

Let’s pay heed, to not just the cream,
Let’s get above this hue and cry,
Let’s appreciate the rest of the mill,
Let’s look up to those who try.

Edition XIX

Writer's Block - by Sanjna Iyer (photo by Ahmad Minawi)Photo credit: Ahmad Minawi

Writer’s Block

By Sanjna Iyer

An un-inspired mind
Makes me want to shout
Like a window with blinds
Like an ocean in drought

The hand itches to write
But the mind will rebel
Nothing inspiring my soul
No Love tales to tell

The page stays blank
As I try to defend
Empty words in my mind
For hours on end

The coffee gets cold
The sun about to set
Nothing achieved as yet
Except growing regret

The lid back on the pen
And pages tucked away
Leaving the battlefield
Achieving nothing today

Edition XXII

An Aging Wonder Woman - by Sanjna Iyer (Photo by Christian Langballe)Photo credit: Christian Langballe

An Aging Wonder Woman

By Sanjna Iyer

I remember how she looked at me, 

awe and wonder in her eyes
as she conveyed her love so clearly
through muffled broken cries. 

She thought of me as a hero
with a wand and a cape, 
someone who could move mountains
yet found delight in watching her crawl. 

Slowly as she spoke her first words
I found meaning to my life.
Nothing gave me better strength
than being a mother. 

As she grew, I started to age, 
with my magic potion going dry
I shed my cape and wand for her 
as I saw her begin to fly. 

A fierce young superpower like her
doesn’t see me with pride and shine,
as lessons from an aging wonder woman
now sound more like a nagging whine.

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