Sanja Atanasovska

Edition February 2020

All the Lights of the World - by Sanja Atanasovska (Photo by Yafa Goawily).jpgPhoto credit: Yafa Goawily

All the Lights of the World

By Sanja Atanasovska

Turn off all the lights in the world
and my little hope
distribute it in small drops of rain
let it be imperceptible.

My thoughts are an avalanche
that will calm down quickly.

I love games in which
we are all winners.

Turn off all the lights in the world
and in the dark
I will find them
hot rates of sunset.

Passion flake

People with money will buy a name and a surname
and reputation and false respect
while the moon makes him company
to a stray traveler in time.

The walls are crumbling on me
and I become a rock
from which the wind refuses.

I saw the child looking in the snow,
makes me think I’m the last snowflake
which is melting from passion.

Macedonian sky

I pass by someone else’s rainbows
I move my soul
in a small suitcase
and forget about all the stones
that came
from those who doubt
that I arrange the cubes correctly
in this life game.
I dream under an alien sky
and I hear unknown voices
while the stars
they speak to me in Macedonian.

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