Samir Georges

Edition III

Metaphor Tree - by Samir Georges  (photo by Rachel Chisholm)Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm

Metaphor Tree

By Samir Georges

Twiddling my thumbs you see
here beneath this metaphor tree,
just a few particles come to be
I’ve forgotten the rhythm, the rhyme, the one two and three
counting the turns, the seconds I am, twiddling free.

Twiddling my thumbs you see
dare I say thrice times, free, free, free
I am callous and jaded and utterly free
bathed in shackles as in light I have come to be
just a few particles hand in hand are me
a thought, a gripe, a moments glee
I am atom, I am tissue, I am man
I am she,
Adam and Eve, the seed, the tree.

Edition V

Once I Was - by Samir Georges  (photo by Myriam Nehmeh)Photo credit: Myriam Nehmeh 

Once I Was

By Samir Georges

I was once a star 

with all the distance of a photograph 
all the heat of a sparkling night 
that sets the soul alight. 

Once I was a memory 

lost amidst the chrysalis 
that stretches the journey of the sun 
in search for excitement in the cold 
that settles upon the past 
and stills our time in silence. 

Never again will I be what was 

the star has ebbed and gone, 
though the ghost of its touch lingers more, 
I am hatched and born to fly 
and flit down upon the fragrant soil 
chasing warmth in virgin nectar. 

I am bracing myself for death now 

such is the passing of youth 
that the star can reach me no more 
and the memory is but a shell 
of all I can no longer be, 
so I am free at last 
free to fear and in pursuit of warmth 
I am free to run 
ascend my aging flesh 
back against the hanging sky 
with the jasmine’s nectar 
hot across my lips 
and death’s looming specter 
the gentle persuasion of a broiling sun.

Edition VIII

Merry Mortal Man - by Samir Georges  (photo by Matt Fortune)2Photo credit: Matt Fortune

Merry Mortal Man

By Samir Georges

Rising in the wake of sun and champion 
with the fervor of courage and vigor’s hymn 
blood pumps and limbs rise in morning’s embrace 
and before emptiness steals my thirst 
I stretch for the sun dyed ale and triumph 
quench my thirst with fire and breathe, 
morning has broken and so has its spell 
clanking ice on glass rings the night man’s bell; 

With mortal rancor I invite stupor to my veins 
ushering into this day the promise of shade 
seduced by the obscurity of these lopsided reigns; 

Step by idle step I yield my path, 
enter night where I am returned at last 
unto anonymity, where like a drop of rain 
to the sea I wade, snuffed like candlelight 
asleep I’m laid… 

till sunlight engraves unto me distinction 
draws me out like breath to lips is bade, 
and so merry mortal man is made 
the drunken moth to the flame he prayed.

Edition X


Summer Fades

By Samir Georges

Summer fades
to my dreams it fades
drowsy as a sleepless thought.
In waking I rise, back turned
to heat my pale heart –
to face the dawn against the light

Such, I have known darkness
still reflections long cast on ripples
that flood these autumn dreams

So that when I fold these lids down tight
give calm my emptied, hallow sight
I yield my guard to foes unseen
a kiss so sweet, and death serene

It reminds me, of summer jasmine
where lips draw nectar in a drying grin
a portrait of me
pale and bare this misplaced tree.
I turn my back on death
beg my liege, bear my breadth
so that when my rest comes surging forth
faith casts my bark an etch in darkness
silent but for the prayer sharpened eye
burnt of all doubt beneath unborn sky.

Samir Georges is the author of the beautiful book “As I Write These Words”

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