Salma HQ

Edition June 2020

seminvitation - by Salma HQ (Photo by Sarah fotografierende)Photo credit: Sarah (fotografierende)


By Salma HQ

“if you want…”

an invitation twisted clean upside-down into a faux-apologetic formality

a socially acceptable excuse to retract kindness for brazen emotional frugality

a formidable mentality, it is

a denial on a technicality, it says

‘I don’t want you and you’re welcome to take that in neutrality’

but if hatred is neutral

will my reaction ever be fruitful?

or will we continue to lie in brutal

static banality.

Edition XXX

Cosmic - by Salma HQ (Photo by Peroculus)Photo credit: Peroculus


By Salma HQ

salty trails of molten emotion blazing
you mistake my worry for brazen
for the vicious copulation

of the amygdala and every drop of scarlet ire fed to you by the sweet drizzle of familial devotion that fell upon your cheeks still soiled from casual self-crucification

I’ve made the mistake of letting your name age in the back of my brain
fine wine plaguing every vein
with notions of liquid bliss and tachycardic candy canes
you see
it hits like being choked out with golden chains
being drowned in champagne
being kissed to the point of pain
chocolate rain
confectionery propane
a slow-leak
sweet stain
at the height of its reign
a correlation
between my head hitting the floor and your soul starting to ache
between your missed exams and my nightmare of an earthquake
between the hue of your irises and my newfound obsession with devil’s food cake
that one might be a fondness of my own creation
lest you let a speck of unrest out of the confines of your mind
pray, breathe, emote loudly and freely
I lay in resting vexation
until the stars align
qué será será.

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