Sabila Siddiqui

Edition XXXIII

Bumble Bee - by Sabila Siddiqui (Photo by Paolo Nicolello)Photo credit: Paulo Nicolello 

Bumble Bee

By Sabila Siddiqui

Oh my dear bumble bee
she said as she caressed
her soft honey colored hair.

Stay humble
through your flight so high.
Emerge with a special glee
of bustling-buzzing excitement.
Let your golden stripped wings
carry you to scope lands for enchantment
to collect those dusty pollen
and transfigure them to honey
for you and others.

A honey comb of a heart
resides in you my dear
so allow the honey to drip from your tongue.

And when science tries to prove
with their theories and mathematical proportions
that you cannot fly high
let them taste the sweetness
of your hustle
and the sight of your flight.

Edition XXXV

Self-Doubt - by Sabila Siddiqui (Photo by Ioana Casapu)Photo credit: Ioana Casapu


By Sabila Siddiqui

Crippling self-doubt
plagues my existence.
Injecting itself into my blood stream;
immobilizing my muscles
numbing my tongue
and muting my voice box.

It quenches its thirst
by tearing my self-image
limb from limb and
ploughing my insides
till there is nothing left.

It either bombards like
gunfire inside my head
firing flaws into questions
or drain each cell’s confidence
leaving the muscles to shiver and shudder
and words hesitant to leave my tongue.

My flesh that houses doubt
is familiar with every capillary of my insecurity;
Whispering my shortcomings
and scrutinizing the details that make me, me.

It is a constant fight, invisible to the eyes.
it’s all in my head.

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