Saad Suhail

Edition XXIII

A Machine - by Saad Suhail (Photo by Samuel Zeller)Photo credit: Samuel Zeller

A Machine

By Saad Suhail

I am trying to understand what humans mean
My masters built me and I am a machine
Rigid strong and upright
In comparison to a human’s might
But even so I can’t process a human’s nature
Because I don’t understand this creature

What leads it to the decisions?
What creates its intentions?
What drives their emotions?
What kills their aspirations?

Why am I so defective?
Why are words so effective?
Why can’t I have a directive?
Why can’t I choose a perspective?

Why am I socially awkward?
Can my deficits be altered?
Because I fail to understand the society
And the complicated rules behind this reality
I am a machine
And I can’t understand what you mean

This world will never be a part of me
Because I am a machine that won’t cease to be
These humans will never understand me
Despite their skin placed on me
I am a human that ceased to be
Because a machine is more logical to me
This world isn’t for a human like me
Because if I am a human, whom am I supposed to be?

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