Saachi Devnani

my-pic-for-founders-message-pageI’ve carried the label of being sensitive, emotional and the dreamy type finding solace in my imaginative world not allowing anyone a glimpse of it.

The sentiments were jailed in a personal diary forming poetry and quotes which I finally decided to reveal through social media and my recently published book called “Thoughts That Set Me Free”.

Other than writing I’m in love with arts and crafts from my childhood where I’d surround myself with colors because they kept me joyful. It was kind of therapeutic to see the outcome.

An unrelated subject which excites me is ‘numbers’, as I enjoyed being an analyst working on budgets and reports while I had a job. After being hired for over 10 years I gave up my employment status to be a full time mom to my toddler simultaneously focusing on smaller personal projects and re-gaining my inner peace through yoga.

My published work:
“Thoughts That Set Me Free” by Saachi Devnani

You can contact me or find out more about me through:

Phone: +971 55 974 5267
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The Centre of My Existence - by Saachi Devnani (photo by Hieu Le)Photo credit: Hieu Le

The Centre of My Existence

By Saachi Devnani

Like the early morning chant
your presence fills peace, 
purifying my moments
that once felt heavy.

You’re the soul of truth;
a rare finding on earth.

Among treasures and jewels,
beyond you nothing is worth.

Edition IX

loving-beyond-limits-by-saachi-devnani-photo-by-john-cobbPhoto credit: John Cobb

Loving Beyond Limits

By Saachi Devnani

My definition of love
starts and ends with you,
nothing beneath and above
will ever be so true. 

Without the need to search,
my love story was written
giving a space to perch
with romance it was litten. 

Painting my life with beauty,
creating a masterpiece,
you’re my priceless reward,
I’d hold on to for eternity.

Edition XII

karma-awaits-by-saachi-devnani-photo-by-andrew-neelPhoto credit: Andrew Neel

Karma Awaits

By Saachi Devnani

Lost in the chambers of gloom
uninvited I landed at doom,
gates to glittering glee
locked without a key.

The scheme was deliberate,
devil’s craving to celebrate
a fabricated triumph,
they perceive themselves as giants.

Bloated by hollow pride,
splashing droplets of snide,
an attempt to slaughter my aim,
the craze they wish to tame.

Ignorant of intense passion, 
those faint-hearted can’t crash in,
with fences high and wide
I have karma by my side.

Edition XXV

Blissed By Your Love - by Saachi Devnani (Photo by Odette Scapin)Photo credit: Odette Scapin

Blissed By Your Love

By Saachi Devnani

Worshipping your brilliance
crumbled my despair.
A daunting survival,
what I dreaded, now impaired.

Winds that you stroke
transform disturbed climates.
Clearing frosted hurdles,
breathtaking journey emanates.

Driving within boundaries
of your aura marvelous.
Enclose me eternally,
turning my fate auspiciously.

Edition XXXVII

Fragile - by Saachi Devnani (Photo by Dynamic Wang)Photo credit: Dynamic Wang


By Saachi Devnani

A breath brittle

Keeps life from death

The bridge little

You ever met

This air supple

Rest all forget

Gently crumbles

No refills yet.