Rose Gathirimu

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Rose Wanja Gathirimu is my full name, according to the Gikuyu tribe my middle name means outside. I live up to my middle name as I love the outdoors including anything and everything that makes me embrace nature. Especially bodies of water (I teach swimming).
I strive to see change in societies and have been humbled to be part of that change through hands-on as a social worker.
I live my life in reference to God and try to live it to it’s fullest . I learn from doing and believe that if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you .
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Eyes Can Lie

By Rose Gathirimu

Eyes can lie
Touch can fool
Sweet talk can be convincing
But … a kiss
That comes from the HEART!
Feels magical when it is true!!

That kiss!!
Warm and tender
Fragile yet strong
As they touch, lip by lip
Eyes can’t bear but to close
Taking in every bit of breath
With each fresh touch

I can only surrender for more
The goose bumps alive
The sparkle alive
A waiting for more!!

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