Rishika Jalali

Edition February 2020

Warrior - by Rishika Jalali (Photo by Lulwa Aburamadan).jpgPhoto credit: Lulwa Aburamadan


By Rishikia Jalali

On a full moon’s Indigo night

She walks in grace, illuminating every sight,

Her eyes reflected all stars in the heaven combined

Her tresses as dark as the Charcoal night,

Lips as if kissed by a rose

Such was her magnetic allure,

Poems and ballads were all in her name

The alchemy of her beauty left no one sane,

But on one moonless night,

Jealously burned in a mortal’s sight

For the beauty she held, he wanted to own

As he vowed to make her the object of scorn,

The liquid fire burned through her skin,

Melting away her beauty but not her soul

She found her strength in that pain

Rose above the mortal disdain,

Her eyes still shone the fierce light

From the inferno building deep inside,

She embraced her scars like an ardent warrior

The kind she only saw in biased fairy tales,

But beauty isn’t always surface deep

It’s a whirlpool of chaos and harmony

It’s not just a face or a body, it’s a moral anatomy. 

Edition XXXI

Keepers of the Night - by Rishika Jalali (Photo by Ryan Holloway)Photo credit: Ryan Holloway

Keepers of the Night

By Rishika Jalali

Keepers of the night
wherever you may roam
on stranger’s tides or unknown roads

Walking into the calm tornadoes
looking for the Vanilla sky
wandering barefoot into the desert
searching for an honest lie

Scarlet trees that run deep within
trying to reach for the Ivory moon,
withered fingers tracing the journey on your skin;
often met with some open wounds

But they say you are the Orion soul,
the owner of an arduous heart
but little do they know
what sets your soul apart

You are the keeper of the night
and no one will ever know,
but this I promise to you,
those tired feet will find their way home

Edition XXXIV

The Lullaby - by Rishika Jalali  (Photo by Peroculus).jpgPhoto credit: Peroculus

The Lullaby

By Rishika Jalali

from the soft hues of the mountains
comes the faint melody of a lullaby

the zephyr whispers a little secret
the birds sing about an aching heart nearby

as I wade through the calm waters
waiting for my tears to dry

the cold breeze filling my lungs
a whirlpool of grief echoing inside

I struggle to free my silver strands
entangled in the wind’s cold fingers

my thoughts are scattered over the pellucid surface
my wistful vision still moistened

and as I turn around to break away
from the songs that I hear from far away

a loud thump comes from within
a silent wail begs me to stay

the sky is now a deep indigo
the stars have merged with the heavens above

down below is the city of the heavenly mirage
where the lovers long for the moonlit love

everything now looks tranquil and sublime
the soft hues have faded away with time

and as my beating heart comes to rest
the melancholy overflows from within my chest

and the grief that was trapped deep inside;
echoes all around and in these mountains it resides. 

Edition XXXVII

Rishika Jalali (Photo by Tiko Giorgadze)Photo credit: Tiko Giorgadze

A Dream

By Rishika Jalali

I have a dream,
to walk amongst the gleaming stars
sail through the thick silver haze
reach out to the ashen moon
while we lay face to face.

I have a dream,
to be the moonflower in a lonely stream
whisper my secrets to the silent trees
to get lost in the city of stars
trace our future in the present through our past.

I have a dream,
to talk about our love under the autumn noon,
hoping to see the indigo sky soon
undress our hearts; talk about our pain, our loss
as the world around us comes to a pause.

now I wander alone in that silver mist
a totem clutched tightly in my fist,
as it spins to blur the line
between all things mundane and divine,
between all things seen and unseen
this dream within a dream.

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