Rishika Jalali

Edition XXXI

Keepers of the Night - by Rishika Jalali (Photo by Ryan Holloway)Photo credit: Ryan Holloway

Keepers of the Night

By Rishika Jalali

Keepers of the night
wherever you may roam
on stranger’s tides or unknown roads

Walking into the calm tornadoes
looking for the Vanilla sky
wandering barefoot into the desert
searching for an honest lie

Scarlet trees that run deep within
trying to reach for the Ivory moon,
withered fingers tracing the journey on your skin;
often met with some open wounds

But they say you are the Orion soul,
the owner of an arduous heart
but little do they know
what sets your soul apart

You are the keeper of the night
and no one will ever know,
but this I promise to you,
those tired feet will find their way home

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