Reham Yeshar

Reham Yeshar was born in 1993, As of today (September 2017) She is in her senior year in the University of Sharjah studying pharmacy. Her heart holds so much passion for many things. Photography, science, performing and writing. She’s been writing since she was 17 years old. She uses poetry as a way to express how she feels. She’s a spoken word artist, she has been preforming since the age of 21. Her first camera was given to her at the age of 8 years old, and has been taking pictures ever since. She believes anything that is created out of love and from the heart should be shared to the world, so they may reach to people’s hearts. And so she continues to write, take pictures all over the world and study to make a difference.

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Edition XVII

Conflicts of the Heart - by Reham Yeshar (photo by Felicia Simion)Photo credit: Felicia Simion

Conflicts of the Heart

By Reham Yeshar

The pure hearted I was told I am
But look closely and you’ll see a scam

There is a white chalk line in my mind
Like the oceans that have’nt intertwined

Can a soul be split in two?
Or is it all me all along? 

The trail of steps I left, some were bright and some were dead
Can an angel have ripped wings and a red halo above their head? 

I was created to love not to hurt
To clean their hearts from the dirt

But all I do is tame my ghoul and take the blame
It wasn’t me, or maybe it was. It’s all the same

Can a soul be split in two?
Or is it all me all along

Is it all me all along?

Edition XVIII

I am Not My Skeletons - by Reham Yeshar (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Hakim El Haj

I am Not My Skeletons

By Reham Yeshar

If I unfold the dusty box
Will my face have a darker shade?
If I admit for the sins committed
Can you still smile when you call my name?
I have changed, I have changed
I’ll beg and plead just look at me the same

Edition XX

The Cursed Crystal Ball - by Reham Yeshar (photo by Aaron Burden)Photo credit: Aaron Burden

The Cursed Crystal Ball

By Reham Yeshar

I’m a crystal ball of a city you want to visit but not reside
My seasons change in a switch and sometimes collide

From scorching air to flooded streets
Will you send a prayer without deceit? 

An over-flowed mail box of words formed in disguise 
Answer me with the sound of emptiness but not in lies

I’m a crystal ball of a city you want to visit but not reside
My people roam the streets with tongues that died 

Where is the wrong in my city that weeps? 
The green is faint for my trees are asleep

I am a crystal ball that you’d easily crush and break
If only a visitor would come and not call it a mistake

Edition XXVI

It All Started with Hello - by Reham Yeshar (Photo by Nina Sharabati) (1)Photo credit: Nina Sharabati

It All Started with “Hello”

By Reham Yeshar

The sky blows warmth and twirls with a mixture of red and yellow

The envious sea rises from blue to sunset and reflects a sweet mellow

The land inhales the love you gave and exhales it to all hearts like a playing cello

A warmth that grows, a reflection of love, an endless song all started with “Hello”

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