Reena Remeshkumar

Edition XVIII

The Butterflies - by Reena Remesh (Photo by Reena Remesh)Photo credit: Reena Remeshkumar

The Butterflies

By Reena Remeshkumar

Deep down inside
she feels broke,
the butterflies within
want to break free.

If they could,
they would flit their words
and squabbles out
“A multi personality”
they would say.
“Her presence could be insincere,”
they warned.

All the jubilant colors displayed
on her face but
within it’s pitch dark
even with a ray of light
nothing could be palpable
if you could unlock all that is within.

With just a single tick of a key
they would shudder their wings
in fear of what lies within.
Their splendid vibrant colors
showing a sanguine character.

But once all’s let loose
at the moonlight’s reign
these colors dwindle away
but what do these wings quiver in dread of
only those vans that flutter within
know of the inky sinful puzzle.

Edition XX

The Dream - by Reena Remesh (Photo by Morgan Williams)Photo credit: Morgan Williams

The Dream

By Reena Remeshkumar

Fairies granting wishes
Ogres scaring children 
The river flows for the fishes
the king lion roars from his den
triumph echoes through these woods
water-lilies flourish near these banks 
Great tawny beasts spring up 
near the willows 
and all this had disappeared 
once she had opened her eyes
and all that was seen now 
was the cold bitter hate spreading in this world

Edition XXI

My Inspiration - by Reena Remesh (Photo by Pujohn Das)Photo credit: Pujohn Das

My Inspiration

By Reena Remeshkumar

It is dim 
but never pitch-dark

It’s light rays 
are the path to stars

It being shy
with an external force 
that brings it out of its lime light

It being un-noticeable 
is the most beautiful sight of all

The moon, 
is my inspiration

Edition XXIII

Hidden - by Reena Remeshkumar (Photo by Odette Scapin)Photo credit: Odette Scapin


By Reena Remeshkumar

I squeeze my hands in frustration,
blood flows through these fingertips,
drop by drop.
I keep them hidden,
I don’t want anyone to judge me.
I have a dark side.
I am not sooo peppy. 

These bright colors, they harm my eyes.
I’m most cosy,
when it’s dark and dull, at night.
It’s when I am lonely and harmless,
it’s when these spirits are free. 

I keep it hidden
It’s all an act
My halo is black
My wings of darkness are overpowered
by my devilish thorn horns
I am not sooo lively
I have a dark side
I keep it hidden

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