Razan Z. Sam

Edition XXXIII

A Poem About You - By Razan Z Sam (Photo by Claudia Soraya)Photo credit: Claudia Soraya 

A Poem About You

By Razan Z. Sam

There is a poem about you
on a carousel in my mind,
dizzying and
so I spilled your poem on my paper.
My notebook cried a river of blue ink
staining pages upon pages
as though to mirror tears I should have cried.

There is a poem about you
carrying a lullaby of your voice along its lines,
uttering the saddest words known to man,
bringing no solace to an aching heart.
So your words
your poem
sink heavily into a well within my chest.

There is a poem about you,
a shadow on the heels of my shadow,
a curious kind.
lays in my bed at night
waiting for me,
whispers dreams of us into reality
holds in its palms a fountain of promises.
Your shadow, your poem.
My shadow, still your poem.

There is a poem about you,
an ode to the letters of your name
written in the dark and quiet corners of my mind,
settling in a home beneath my skin
so I surrender to the colonization of your poem.
My tongue speaking your dialect
your scent replacing mine
I have become the embodiment of your poem.

I am your poem.

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