Pia Fajelagutan

Edition XIII

jamais-vu-by-pia-fajelagutan-photo-by-sweet-ice-cream-photographyPhoto credit: Doux Glace

Jamais Vu

By Pia Fajelagutan

Your home is still here,
cradling warm names 
with cold faces-

Like a mother’s kiss
that sits for days
on strangers’ eyes
riddled with bewilderment
The continents we seek seem

Edition XIV

33-by-pia-fajelagutan-photo-by-karim-monsieurPhoto credit: Karim Monsieur


By Pia Fajelagutan

From within her rib cages
sprouted a mound of
(galvanized by miracles that’ve died 
instead of a spine

& when the storm
christened her
it pulled on the forks
and left with the bigger halves.

Edition XXIV

Chelyabinsk - by Pia Fajelagutan (Photo by Aziz Acharki)Photo credit: Aziz Acharki


By Pia Fajelagutan

Like a watcher

of the skies

when a new planet

swims into his ken;

my soul froze

enraptured under the cold indigo

only, you were a missile –

ineradicable, hard, unwelcome

and my chest reaped

crater after crater

unmindful of your brisance

sharp-feathered light

spiraling inward

wrought-iron warhead

brewing dust storms –

the dark is melting

into streaks of fiery illuminations



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