Performances in 2017

Bask in spoken word & poetry performances

“The Wall” – by PAREA

“Maria da Penha” – by PAREA

“Dating” – by Jamil Adas

“من اليمين إلى الشمال” – by PAREA

“Lights in My Head” – by Tasneem Mayet

“Fictional Fitness” – by Cheryl Kelsall

“Choices” – by Christine-Jean Blain

“Faraح” – by PAREA

“Forgetting to Name our Daughters” – by Sara Saleh

“Elevator People” – by Namal Siddiqui

“Fast Poem” – by Farah Chamma

“The Millennial Diaries” – by Hiba Memon

“Lost” – by Adel Awad

“فيروز” – by Farah Chamma

“Hate” – by Mariyam Thahira

“Two Muses Become One” – by Tasneem Mayet

“شاشة عرض” – by Ahmed Hemdan

“The Strip by the Seabreeze” – by Sara Salim

 “Growing Forest” – by Ehrlich Ross

“Dear Body” – by Deena Dadachanji

“Faraح” – by Farah Chamma