Paula Bianca Fernandez

Edition XXIV

To The One That Got Away- You Never Left Me - by Paula Bianca Fernandez (Photo by Ben White)Photo credit: Ben White

To The One That Got Away; You Never Left Me

By Paula Bianca Fernandez

You were my distant star, looking out for me while I was chasing my own happiness.

And when I have found mine, you have found yours as well.

You were like a memory kept in the deepest part of my mind.

I am aware that it exists yet I have accepted that it’s not right to dig up.

Funny how you were the constant reason to my what ifs yet you were the only answer to it.

You were the best man  I never had the chance to spend my life with.

You were my home where I don’t belong.

You were my Prince Charming that I almost had.

You and I were a fairy tale that ended before it began.

I was never yours and you were never mine.

And “we” will never be “us”.

You never left me.

It was me who left you.

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