Paniz Kimiaei

Edition I

In a Lonesome Thunderstorm - by Paniz Kimiaei

In a Lonesome Thunderstorm

By Paniz Kimiaei

Winter came and summer went
The clouds went dark
And the chills overcame
People hid in the safety of their homes
For the wind came howling with a thunderstorm
That left people in shivers and children in tears
Yet a lonely soul came out wondering
For he found beauty in the deadly storm
Which could cause magnificent sightings before ones eye
With wide spread arms he felt freedom
In the dark cold streets
He closed his eyes and found peace
His grief stricken heart enjoyed the tears of the clouds
For once he did not feel alone
As the night kept him company
Grieving with him for his vacant soul
The night sky cleared
And the stars came out
The lonely man left to the shadows of the night
People came out to enjoy the cool weather of the serene night
Yet no one saw the wondering soul
Waiting for the next thunderstorm

Edition III

Inferno - by Paniz Kimiaei  (photo by Myriam Nehmeh)Photo credit: Myriam Nehmeh


By Paniz Kimiaei

She wouldn’t have thought he were a beast
yet she should’ve known.
It were those dark eyes,
that with each look every time
grew a shade darker.
It was the hand he offered her to follow,
the rhythm of his steps.
A god she thought he was
for his steps were modest
as if he were dancing on water.
Oh how fallacious she was.
If only she hadn’t been mesmerized by those dark eyes
she wouldn’t be swaying to inferno.

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