Osama Al Hussaini

Edition XXXVII

The Rebellion of Love - by Osama Al Hussaini (Photo by Jurga)Photo credit: Jurga

The Rebellion of Love

By Osama Al Hussaini

Floating and suffocating

With a thorn resting at heart

Mind shattered, and soul aching

Yet, this is only the start

The kingdom of hope is lost

And so are thoughts of the king

The hearth fire dimmed in frost

For winter banished the spring

The vicissitudes of fate are bitter

Hence trust not a sentiment

For with hope sorrow would glitter

And grief would hide its monument

It’s the nature of man

Thus not subject to blame

It’s out of what you can

It’s in the frigid breeze, the flame

It’s the army that brought the castle down

It’s the rebel that usurped the throne

It’s the jewel absent on the crown

It’s where your heart in joy, is thrown

It’s the sword that shoved the king dead

It’s the tear on the droughty cheeks

His majesty now bleeds on bed

And his look, in lieu of mouth, speaks:

“Love is but a maleficent creature

And pain is all what it breeds

For your mightiest of walls it’s the breacher

And it looks not upon your deeds

The eyes are catapults, the smile is siege

In union they here shall tear a hole

We know its pangs, yet we’re liege

And therefore it would conquer us all”

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