Omar Ashraf

Edition IV

Midnight Thoughts - by Omar Ashraf  (photo by Jeremy Thomas from UNSPLASH)Photo credit: Jeremy Thomas

Midnight Thoughts

By Omar Ashraf

Write what you feel like
Dress as you please
No one will be satisfied
Nothing will appeal

What’s the deal
With everyone judging how you feel

They think that you should kneel
To their opinions and their beliefs

Just demos and briefs
That you should follow to relief
Yourself and others
Fathers and mothers

Please kill the butterflies that flutter
In my stomach every single day and night
Man it’s the worst unplanned plight
When people try to guide you to their light

But left from an opposite person’s point of view is right
Your savior is not mine
And your alarm doesn’t go off according to my time
I don’t see your dreams in my sleep
I have my own
I dream that I’m alone
That’s the only price of freedom
No one to believe them

When they say
“This” will set you free
It’s all lies and kleptocracy
I am a demon myself you see
I won’t be what you want me to be

I will not cut off my wings
Michael Jackson still sings
In my ears before I sleep
And after that I wake up on the sound of beeps
From my annoying phone

I’ll grow you a backbone
Learn how to be honest
Learn how to speak the truth
Your lies are the biggest proof
That you’re a coward
And your lies empower
The parasite inside

No one does abide
By the love that newly arrived
To the heart
But my love is art
And I live to write
Let’s make a chart
Of who are considered leaders
And who are considered slaves

And believe me you would be amazed
Of the number of people
Who would follow others through hell
Just not to be expelled
From a society or a creed

Cut yourself! I’m pretty sure you won’t bleed red
It will be dishonesty and terror
Your face is scarred by horror
Of what I have to give

Being an impostor might be your thing
But it’s not a way for me to live
Behind masks of likes and shares
Living in a world like this, is my type of nightmare

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