Ola Al Sharif

Edition XVIII

The Anonymous - by Ola Al Sharif (Photo by Ajmal Cholakkal)Photo credit: Ajmal Cholakkal

The Anonymous

By Ola Al Sharif

It is me who has no identity no distinctiveness or a purpose to last and serve oneself
It is me who wandered through time hunting for a motive to justify my journey
It is me who has a pint-size of experience to judge or criticize life yet does so effortlessly

But you, you my darling you were set to lead me to the truth to define me and set me free carrying your identity as a brooch of honour
I might have been selfishly wishing for a love so great that would oversee all my shameless blunt behavior
for a love to see that all my wrong doings are the reason I am who I am now, and proudly applaud as it has shaped me perfectly for you
You see my dearest you were made to rescue me from my inevitable destiny of never finding true love

A love so profound and unsullied
A love so naked in nature and shameless
A love that has no language to define it thus infinite in meaning
A love that is mindless and free from all the directions the world set for it

You see I’ve always been lingering over the thought that one day I will escape my barophobia and fall so deeply in love
Maybe you’ll recognize me and know straight away that it is I that was made for you, before I get to tick-off all the characteristics I wished in you
Maybe just maybe, I would be the one to crack the enigma that is your heart
Or perhaps we’d walk together till we find ourselves and love simultaneously, then the free fall begins

You see my darling all my life I have strayed as I was petrified to find myself trapped in a relation-ship that was set to sink anchored by emotional poison, I know myself enough that I can see myself attempting to save what I’ve worked so hard for by patching all the holes that are drowning us

Yet Here I stand fearlessly, independent and seemingly complete waiting for you to come and complete me
With a love that might not be what I have portrayed in mind but certainly a love I was intended for
and I’m mostly satisfied as long as I know even if our relation-ship sunk we would drown deep in love.

                     To: You my anonymous

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