Edition XXIV

The Urban Truth - by Noren (Tirtho Banerjee) (Photo by Clem Onojeghuo)Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

The Urban Truth

By Noren

We have become cities
Our dreams high-rises
which feel the morning haze.

Our hearts swanky malls
which are always abuzz, but lonely.

Our ambitions crawling cars
which pollute innocence.

Our thoughts metro trains
which run only between fixed destinations.

Our bodies are urban landscapes
which are eroding
our souls.

Edition XXVI

Can We - by Noren (Tirtho Banerjee) (Photo by DJ)Photo credit: DJ

Can We?

By Noren

Can our adult hearts stay apolitical
with leanings injected into our babyish blood?

Can our undying souls be spiritual
with distorted interpretations of religion swaying our faith?

Can we really love with that selfless devotion
when building a wall of ego is deemed as strength?

Can we want less and still be at peace
while greediness branches its roots into our psyche?

Can fame teach us a lesson in modesty
as it slips out of the hand? 

Can we feel the thrill in beauty
as we try to outsmart nature with ugly means?

Can loneliness become solitude
which doesn’t cage us, but liberates?

Can the truth of an emotion be unveiled
amid hypocrisy of all those masked words?

Can we live a moment of glory
without thinking about the end of an eternity?

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