Niku Sharei

Edition VII

Boxes into Circles - by Niku Sharei

Boxes into Circles

By Niku Sharei 

Boxes are for assorted chocolates and unassembled IKEA pieces
Boxes are not the resting place for young mothers

Boxes are for shoes and for vote collections
Boxes are not a place for teachers to teach addition and subtraction

Boxes are for colored pencils and for cigarettes to lie in 
Boxes are not for 4-year-old boys to play ball at the beach

Boxes are for black and white photos and new computers
Boxes are not for clarifying and categorizing identity

Boxes are for keeping things clean and in order
People are not things to be cleaned or put in order

People make circles 
Young mothers make circles as they dance around their children
Teachers make circles to show that we each get a piece when we take from pi, it’s small, it counts and it’s endless
4-year-old boys make circles so they grow into team players
People make circles around dishes to fill up with a world of taste beyond Big Mac

People are lost without circles
They lose their grip on their wheel
And start drowning in a pool of what they think and how they feel
Caught in their own whirlwind
People make circles, tiny and out of steel
Without aim but on target ready to ‘win’
Are put
Where they don’t belong
Boxes are made of lines 
People are made of circles 
People don’t get out of line
People fall out of circles

(Click here to listen to an audio reading of this poem by Niku Sharei)

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