Neil Lejoy

Edition December 2020

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Photo credit: Oskaras Verbickas


By Neil Lejoy

Above me, shine the stars beautiful,

Below these, lies the wanderer by the moon.

As quite as the road could be,

The entity detests, to not flee free.

Thinks that the simplicity, is wandering,

To him, considering is no such thing.

His worries behind the ride,

Even love to what seems false, never binds.

The urge to feel lost, the breeze rushes,

All throughout the city, he seeks to cherish.

He wouldn’t be wrong, he won’t indulge,

In their lies, thinks he doesn’t deserve worse.

Awaits for the Sun to come through,

That’s when he puts rest, to what he thought was true.

Still wanders, no clue of what’s next,

There he wonders, would his ways end?

Pedals to not stop, wheels swift,

This lane is where he belongs, and fits.

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