Neeraja Kumar

October 2020

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Photo credit: Joel Herzog

Watching Gazelles

By Neeraja Kumar

Lithe brown bodies
with the black jagged scar
running down their backs;

four stick legs riding
the highway
with phantom cars
buzzing past them-

never touching
their holy skin
even once.

Zebra crossings lie reverent
at their feet-

an innocent presence,
like angels guarding
the barren roads
as the world hibernates,

August 2020

Facade - by Neeraja Kumar (Photo by Nick Samoylov).jpgPhoto credit: Nick Samoylov

Façade: Enfilade

By Neeraja Kumar

I am these buildings that surround me.

Rising as if out of transparent, thin air:


breaking to howl for oxygen as

they twist in their own architectural  dance.

Claiming their stakes in poems that did not exist until

 their foundations were built.

 their beams were set up.

strong ladders were leant against the shaky brick walls for creating support.

Dust was scraped; nails were bled into the hardening cement.

There were days when they cupped their hands together and prayed as rough edged rollers painted them in unimaginable white hues.

Then, finally:

when the workers told them that they were firm enough,

they’d framed themselves in windows with wood olive brown and sandal paste soft,

decorating themselves with

 jewellery               pretty                  new house                                    soothing

                          perfect makeup                        forever patient                      calm

 expensive clothes                 cute eyes                             subtle curves

              pretty                   high heels           heavy wig                soft voice             sweet smile

faux pas                        pretty

 faux                   faux                      faux                 faux               faux                faux              faux

 succulents carefully balanced on tired windowsills so people can

see, see, see, see…

See me.

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