Naz Karadede

Edition April 2020

Hope - by Naz Karadede (Photo by Ahmed Hasan).jpgPhoto credit: Ahmed Hasan


By Naz Karadede

What is hope?
is it an idea, an utterance, a feeling?
is it waking up in the morning, the air blurred with the haze of dreaming?

is it spring,
when all the birds inscribe their songs into the misty air,
when the trees whisper in the cover of their dew-coated leaves
when the sky is smeared with the shades of the ocean
when the air ripples with the aura of warmth and softness.

What is hope?
is it believing?
is it wishing you could get the love you deserve,
without lying, hurting, deceiving?

is it a colour, a shade,
is it the canvas of dawn,
smeared with the smoky hues of crimson, gold, jade—

is it a whisper
that ripples through the air like a heartbeat, a current, an unforgotten promise;
is it the thought that makes you smile, at midnight, twilight,
as you dream through the night,
as the stars blend into the rough fabric of the cobalt sky
and the air becomes heavy with the possibilities of tomorrow.

What is hope?
is it the flicker of light that blinds you in darkness,
is it the murmur of music in an eternity of silence—

is it love, or trust or loyalty,
friendship, success, generosity—

It is all of them,
and none.

Hope is knowing you can overcome all your sorrow
in the hazy uncertainty and impossibility of tomorrow.

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