Nathalia Khawand

Edition February 2020

Craving - by Nathalia Khawand (Photo by Clem Onojeghuo).jpgPhoto credit: Clem Onojeghuo


By Nathalia Khawand

I fail to crawl out of my own skin
as a familiar craving fills my lungs

I breathe it in as it tries to tear me apart
I breathe it in but I can never exhale
because a craving doesn’t go away
unless you satisfy it

And so I try
so hard
to turn my ink
into letters
but the letters never seem to come out right
they never fulfill their purpose

They never form the right words
into the right sentences
into the right lines
Lines that I simply can’t seem to draw
Lines as hollow as my breath
Lines like a broken path
that I yearn to cross

But a broken path which remains
covered in the same dust as my untouched pen

and thus the craving keeps eating at me
my mind constantly searches
for something that I realize
isn’t really there…

because if it is truly there
then why is it so hard to reach it?

Edition XXXVI

My Head is a Forest - by Nathalia Khawand (Photo by Bryan Minear)Photo credit: Bryan Minear

My Head is a Forest

By Nathalia Khawand

my head
is a forest

colored ink
drips down
from black leaves,
painting the ground
just below
where broken sentences
craving to find
a continuation,
to be spoken.

my head
is a forest

where roots
remain buried,
thirsty for air,
yet unable to reach it,
choking on
colored words
and the idea
of being forgotten

my head
is a forest

where thoughts,
and nuances
connecting with each other,
lost within
the mess
of unconsciousness

the mess
of oneself

my head
is a forest

where light
is broken
into streaks
and strides
and words
broken into
of myself,
pieces that I am trying to put back together.

my head
is a forest

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