Nabila Zaidi

Edition XXXX

Hush - by Nabila Zaidi (Photo by Chris Yang).jpgPhoto credit: Chris Yang


By Nabila Zaidi

Hush, my baby girl!
Silence is your beauty
Rage, your fury, scary
Dare you utter a word
Sit back under a rock, before you slip like a storm
Behave like a lady
And hush!

Shhh… hush!
Shhh… push!
Shhh… hush!

No! Push!

Push your words back in, baby girl
A slut, a witch, a bitch, lest you become
A little too much
A little too less will you become
So hush, my baby girl

Be the one without words
You’ll be nothing without your words
But with,
A slut, a witch, a bitch, will you become.

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