Nabeeha Zafar

Edition XXXVI

Promise - by Nabeeha Zafar (Photo by Brandon Wong)Photo credit: Brandon Wong


By Nabeeha Zafar

I cannot take your pain away, oh you confused child!
I feel its heaviness breaking you
from clinging on to the little hopes and dreams
that still fester in you.

I see you keeping a happy face, oh you brave child!
You just can’t let it crack through your skin can you?
I wish I could validate your pain
so you would break down and I could heal you.

You ask
How do we make sense of this utter darkness
when we are so scared of it?

I answer
When the time comes and you are ready
But can you make this one promise?

Where you walk into your fears?

To get lost in this meaningless abyss of boundaries
to find that one link that breaks you out to glory.
When it all comes out jumbled up, confused, broken
and you see the facade of what the future holds for you.

Go on and throw a brick of rebellion…it’ll go right through
where you can bask in the sunlit happiness of the present
where the door left behind is a forgotten story
where what lies ahead is yet to be seen
where your tears stream down your face
and you feel a relief
leaving your heart open to receive
and now…
all that you wished for must come true

This I promise you child.

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