Mina Liccione

Edition XII

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“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

By Mina Liccione

50 Moms
Who will never see their kid’s smile
50 fathers
Who can’t hug their child

50 best friends
Wishing they had stayed in better touch
50 enemies
Wishing they had let go of that grudge

50 children
Asking “Why? How? Where?” 
50 empty chairs
Holding nothing but despair

50 caliber gun
Aimed in cold-blood
50 shades of slaughter
Gushing life like a flood

50 types of denial
That say ‘guns are okay’
50 brands of hate
That shout ‘death to all gays!’

50 forms of fear
Thinking the end must be near
50 rainbows of love
Overshadowed by anger and tears

50 States of America
The land of the free where nothing is free
50 more lives taken
By a shooting spree

50 psychotic symptoms
Feeling enraged and isolated   
50 fingers pointing the blame
But maybe it’s themselves they hated
50 prayers for peace
That it may lie ahead
50 people dead
Violence keeps coming instead

50 feet forward
We start to progress
50 feet under
We painfully digress

50 reasons why I didn’t vote for Trump
Do I really need to say?
50 forms of racism
Can’t blame Kanye today

50 ISIS members
Bombing to kill, kill, kill, K,K,K, kill
In the name of religion
But that’s against Allah’s will

50 layers of faith
That a heaven exists 
50 walls not to build
Towards goodness and tolerance we must persist

50 reasons to change
Salvage humanity, Godspeed!
1 reason why nothing will…

Let’s not feed the greed
And teach our seeds
To love not hate
To share smiles despite our fate

Let’s not feed the greed and teach our seeds
That Black Lives do matter 
Even when they’re not making peoples
Bank accounts fatter

Let’s not feed the greed
From violence nothing is freed
(And) All that will matter in the end
Is using 50 flavors of … kindness to transcend

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50 – by Mina Liccione

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