Mazel Pinto

Edition XXVIII

Desolate Obscurity - by Mazel Pinto (Photo by Sam Hetterich)Photo credit: Sam Hetterich

Desolate Obscurity

By Mazel Pinto

These narrow alleys
have heard
sweet whispers of our love
and seen
shy encounters of our nuzzled kisses
They’ve witnessed
our intertwined hands
followed by juvenile embraces

I wonder now,
if these walls question
your absence

I can feel a shadow behind me,
aiming a traitorous sneak
at my words
But my composition
is too intimate, too bare

So I plainly gather these letters
and clasp them close to me
Backed up against this wall, our wall,

I lean
and quietly, really

I just let it support me

Edition XXIX

Crash In Silence - By Mazel Pinto (Photo by Cole Hutson) (1)Photo credit: Cole Hutson

Crash in Silence

By Mazel Pinto

There’s a rhythm
a melancholic tune of serenity
of the waves that crash against the shore
A calling that causes you
to cease every reasoning
and breathe in the vastness before you
Doesn’t matter if the sun sets
and you’re still harmonizing
to the cruising currents
It’s okay to let go this once
to hear and see these waves crash
against each other
To wonder if
just like you,
maybe the sea is at war with itself

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