Mayukha Bathini

Edition VIII

The Haze - by Mayukha Bathini

The Haze

By Mayukha Bathini

The smoke rises
my eyes tear up
through the haze
I search for everything
and anything.

There I see you
wielding the torch.
I take a step
A circle!

Suddenly it’s so cold,
I speak out
for warmth
in my head.
I scream
but there’s no sound.

Red rivulets
on my wrists;
the paintbrush,
was that in your hand?
Or the blade,
was it in my hands?

Edition IX

the-stars-shine-brighter-than-my-scars-by-mayukha-bathini-photo-by-omar-al-abdulhadiPhoto credit: Omar Al Abdulhadi

The Stars Shine Brighter Than My Scars

By Mayukha Bathini

I look up to the cloudy sky
and I wish I could fly
away into the depths of blue
leaving no clue.
The rain falls on my skin
as if mocking all of my kin.

Every fiber of my being
aches to let go fleeing
every thought of mine flailing
with the fear of failing.

It is then I see the world;
beauty I am blessed to behold.
What is joy without woe?
What is life without foe?
What is love without doubt?
And what is the rain without drought?

My life is in fact fleeting
but I shall always be fighting
to be free from the shackles
that hold me down baffled.

I look up to the sky
and it doesn’t seem wry.
I see a glimmer of hope
and another shimmer of scope.
I see the clouds of love
and there flies past the dove.

I see the stars
that shine brighter than my scars.

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