Maynou Abraham

Edition X

visual-by-maynou-abraham-photo-by-greg-rakozyPhoto credit: Greg Rakozy


By Maynou Abraham

Tangible thought –
the typical intro;
a moment of reflection.
Philosophical conversation with my glass veil is ago,
I swear she’s the perfect audience lacking in cognition but excellent in reception,
shameless in anonymity and thoroughly content being one-dimensional,
an afterthought emerged from reverberating echoes,
rationalizing a fantasy through demented reality and an appeal to logos.
External concern expressed through intellectual opinion against a majesty outside the realm of scientific convention.

A slight ringing in my ear
the hazing of the eyes
my hand presses against the screen and a genie appears,
her technicolor smoke-screen muffles sound and blankets sight.
Far beyond my mortal boundaries I reach,
into the land of impossibilities ignorantly called “make believe”,
calling upon my polygonal masters from this pulpit I beseech
that your realm of tangible thought be opened to me,
allow me to apply my humble craft in hopes of conveying your magnificence to the world,
so that they too will experience your wonder
before they grow too old.

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