Maryam Al Serkal

Maryam Al SerkalI have been writing since the first time I held a pen. It almost feels like I was so eager to learn to speak to let loose all that I felt inside.

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, but first, I am a Woman. I am still discovering myself through my writing. 

I write poetry, which doesn’t pay the bills but is rather a form of free medication to keep my sanity intact in the thralls of these unhinged times we live in. 

On top of everything I am also a proud Emirati.

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Edition VII

Jaw Breaker - by Maryam F. Al Serkal  (photo by Oscar Keyes)Photo credit: Oscar Keys

Jaw Breaker

By Maryam Al Serkal

Am I too much to handle?
Am I too much to contain?
Did you bite off more than you can chew
and break your jaw in strain?

I’d rather be too much
than easy to manipulate.

I’d rather be larger than life
and too hard for you to articulate.

I’d rather be larger than life 
and never be too small.

I’d rather be a stronger wife
than be pitied each time I fall.

I’m stronger than you think I am
and that my friend is true.
I broke your jaw when you tried to chew me.
So what you gonna do?

Edition XV

Closure - by Maryam F. Al Serkal (photo by Marwan Morsy)Photo credit: Marwan Morsy


By Maryam Al Serkal

What should you do when it’s too late?
Should you hold on until love breaks?
Should you hold on until you bend
So far that you can never mend?

What should you say when love leaves home?
Should you wave and say “so long”?
Should you hold on to a tethered love
That has been sinking in a drowning cove?

What should we say when children ask
“What now is gone, could we ever get back?”
Should we smile and say, “c’est la vie,
What is gone was never meant to be.”

What should we write at the end of our book?
Should we pause and take another look
Should we push through, should we try
For the people, who on us rely

Can we see past all the faults?
Could we lock and chain the vaults,
Of a life we swore to spend together
Or, should we quit, would that be better?

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