Mariya Nadeem

Edition XXX

Putting The Slam In Islam, A Slam Poem - by Mariya Nadeem (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Hakim El Haj

Putting The Slam In Islam, A Slam Poem

By Mariya Nadeem

 ‘You don’t look like a Muslim.’
Sorry but compliments do not
work that way anymore.
For somebody who puts the ate in appreciate,
you really do not chew your words enough.

Not a lot of us have slender bodies,
but we put the slim in Muslim-
Cause that’s the chance for us
making it through airport security check
Ma’am why are you visiting a chemistry lab in
a foreign nation
Ma’am could you remove the headgear
Sir could you step aside, we have a few more questions.

All 1.8 billions of us have different minds
and motives,
but a lot of times, watching the news,
we’re all thinking the same thing.
Did the word Terrorist originate
from terror, or also from territory?
Because protecting what’s rightfully mine,
I feel almost as guilty
as the man blowing himself up
in the middle of the bazaar.

Put the ace in two-facedness-
Wouldn’t judge a book by its cover
Wouldn’t confuse a weed for a flower
Would tell the difference between
dandelion yellow and bumblebee yellow.
How hard then can understanding
that the  actions of a man
do not allow you to judge his clan

Islam is not peace, yes
we read Arabic poetry as a form of
submission to God.
Islam is not peace, yes
millions of us cry in our prayers
for walls to be broken
for children to be fed
for world leaders to grow up.
Islam is not peace, yes
according to Wikipedia,
the Arabic word for peace is Salam.

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