Malak El Halabi

Malak HalabiMalak El Halabi is a Lebanese published poet who writes about the Bermuda triangle of Love, Loss, and, Lust.

She has previously published two Poetry Books. Her first book (الهي الحب و عقيدتي انت)“My God is Love and my Religion is You”, written when she was 16, won the second rank in the Poetry Sales of the Beirut Arab Book Fair in 2009. Her second book (سمير) “Samir”, dedicated to the memory of her father, mainly deals with the theme of death, grief and, loss.

You can purchase her published books through the links below:
الهي الحب و عقيدتي انت (My God is Love and my Religion is You)
سمير (Samir)

You can learn more about Malak and contact her through:
Her Facebook page: Dreams of an Insomniac
Malak on Instagram
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Edition XII

september-by-malak-el-halabi-photo-by-anne-edgarPhoto credit: Anne Edgar


By Malak El Halabi

That September night,
do you remember?
You stretched out your
hand… over the bed
and split the moon,
in half. And butterflies
in the midst of heat
and butterflies came
in the midst of fervor.

That September night,
do you remember?
I was yours and you…
were mine, right there,
between your neck and
the last drop of
sweat, right there
between my left breast
and your pounding heart,
somewhere between two
cries and a whisper, you
were you and I was I.

Edition XIV

dead-poets-by-malak-el-halabi-photo-by-rachel-chisholmPhoto credit: Rachel Chisholm

Dead Poets

By Malak El Halabi

A poet died yesterday
no one heard the news.
he jumped from the 9th floor
of raw memory
crashed to the parking lot floor
without a sound
and not a single drop of blood was spilled
the floor was covered with poems
poems that the guards stepped carelessly on
poems that the cleaners knelt down carefully to
one by one
Only to throw them hastily in the big trash bin around
the corner.

A poet died twice yesterday
no one heard the news.
Who cares about poets and their poems.

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