Maarid Fazili

Edition II

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By Maarid Fazili

So much to do, so little time,
why is everything complicated, or just am I?
Questions too many, far and wide,
answers known and ignored, I wonder why?

Much like the wind, unseen but felt.
Cards on the table, like trouble, dealt.
Beneath lies, the value within,
could either fail or let us win.

From the pallet, from the skin,
love is tasty, lustful and a much needed sin.
Confusing the senses, overwhelming the mind,
is it pain or is it pleasure, that we hope to find?

Edition III

Questions - by Maarid Fazili

By Maarid Fazili

Do you see something you never saw?
Ate something you never thaw?
Weighed something very light?
Lost an argument with someone you couldn’t fight?
Tasted something you couldn’t digest?
Slept so much you had to rest?
Felt something you couldn’t explain?
Been in a relationship that was tough to maintain?

Gotten wet in a shower of rain?
Looked at someone happy, full of pain?
Salt on your paper cuts driving you insane?
Crying laughter in total vain?

Lived in style and show?
Had to pay a filthy hoe?
Received knowledge you didn’t know?
Grew a lawn you couldn’t mow?

Hurt someone weak?
Felt your pulse go bleak?
Carved a mask made from teak?
Found someone you didn’t seek?

Gave birth to a new born child?
Lived with animals from the wild?
Paid your taxes and got them filed?
Lost your investment and reconciled?

Called a friend who is in need?
Loved someone and planted the seed?
Tripped with a hippy stoned on weed?
Fueled a fire filled with greed?
Took the back seat and let others lead?

Then ask yourself,
Have you lived your life or merely passed it?

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